Saturday, August 9, 2008

Countdown To "There's Only One": There's Only One Contest

ALL HAIL King Bufferton!!!

So I got news for all my readers. You have a free chance to win one of (if not best) albums of the year, There's Only One. There will only be two winners. The first two to answer the set of questions right will win. Also I'm deciding and im thinking of doing something extra special for the person who answers right first but thats later. The rules are....You must answer all the questions, You must email ME (not Thoro or Island(DG)), You can't post you answer anywhere on the site as you will be disqualified, If no one were to answer the questions all correctly then it would be up to the persons who answered the most correctly the fastest, You can only answer once so no multiple entries. Keep in mind that in order to recieve your prize or prizes we must have your home address. So you must attach your address with your entry. We promise to not abuse it. With all that said have fun while I think of a grand prize for the first winner. Use your minds....

Heres the questions......

Buff1 is one of six emcee's in what crew?

Name one track off of Jungle Gym Jungle that Buff1 spits on?

Which producer wasn't featured on Pure & There's Only One?
a Black Milk? b Waajeed? c Lab Techs? d House Shoes?

Buff1 had a track on Pure where he totally dedicated a song to his love of hiphop who was featured on that song?
a Elzhi? b OneBeLo? c Guilty impson? d Invincible?

If Correctly pronouced, how many letters are use to spell Buff's full rap name?

Whats the name of Track 19 on Buff1's Pure LP?

DEADLINE is the 16th (Next Saturday)....

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