Friday, August 15, 2008

Verse Of The Day:Food For Thought

Song:Food For Thought
Artist:Buckshot & 9th wonder

[1st Verse]
Can I get a piece of bread?
Without somebody in the street tryin to eat what I said
I know I spread words like butter on toast
Cause when ya get it in the morning then ya love it the most
But see it's really the beef I hate
Even though there's a lot of y'all that wanna see my plate
I dedicate time to separate lines
And go bananas when I think about the food for ya mind
And stay away from them rotten apples
When ya fed some get fed and do a lot to get at you
So I match my caliber with my calories
Forty five shots a slice is like can it be
Nawh where you want it breast or thigh
I got a two piece and fries for niggaz like y'all
So why would I pass my plate
When I'm working for a salary to pass my weight

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