Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tomorrow Already

"Time be gettin late." On Sept 30th, Now On (Jackson Perry, IX Lives and Haircut) releases their genre-defying and genre-defining new album "Tomorrow Already".

The project features production from the Lab Techs, Jake One and Astronote, with appearances by Buff1 and Aloe Blacc.

The new, melodic, electro-soul sound of "Tomorrow Already" is really unlike anything we've heard and is quickly separating them amidst the bubbling LA music scene. The group says, “we really discovered ‘the Now On sound’ and have created a piece of music that truly expresses our uniqueness."

With four music videos currently in the works, you're sure to be seeing (and hearing) a lot more from Now On in the very near future. For now, check the equally alluring album cover and title track.

Now On - Tomorrow Already

If you heard Pure or There's Only One then you've certainly heard Now On. I suggest you go check out their last album, Eye Level. Which is one of my personally favorite albums. Soulful melodic soulful sounds to penetrate your ear. Now On is so fuckin dope like I can't stress it enough. Check out their myspace

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