Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Countdown To "There's Only One": There's Only One Tracklist & Video

Buff1 - There's Only One
01 There's Only One
02 Goodness Music
03 Beat The Speakers Up
04 Dream Streets
05 Man Up feat. Vaughan T
06 I Know The Secret
07 The Sky
08 Classic Rap
09 Love The Love feat. Tres Styles
10 Never Fall feat. Black Milk
11 Rain Dance
12 Numbers Can't Measure feat. Now On
13 Real Appeal feat. AB
14 Electrifying Music Maker
15 Going Nowhere feat. AML
16 Once

Buff1 - Beat The Speakers Up (video)

and here is what Buff1 told Scheme Mag about a couple of track off the album....(continue under that theres more news folks)

"Beat the Speakers Up" - This track came from the brilliant mind of Vaughan T, my Athletic Mic League (AML)/Lab Tech brother. He told me he had a beat and hook for me, he just laid it out and I did the easy part and wrote the verses and the end/outro hook. We knew as soon as it was done that this was the first single/video. I like it because its concept is anti radio programming but it's also very catchy and radio-friendly at the same time. That's how we do around here, we like to challenge people's thoughts of what they think hip-hop should be, but still keep it very hip hop, haha! The hook is catchy but it's also 16 bars long, which is almost unheard of. I also decided to do something I haven't done in ages and that's spit a lot of similes. I was getting my Lil Wayne on, haha! I think I said the word "like" in this song more than I did on my last album and the last two AML albums combined! As a group, we kinda tried to stray away from that as we grew and developed as emcees but it was fun to revisit when we first started emceeing back in the day.

"Classic Rap" - Another Vaughan T beat. When I heard the beat, it sounded like some classic rock stuff, so I thought it was appropriate to flip it on some classic rap stuff. I know everybody does songs where they pay homage to all their influences (i.e. The Game's "Pain") but I wanted to do it differently. I wanted to show that I really studied the game like it was a college course. Almost to the point of being a nerd, haha! I just had the first couple lines in my head and I just thought, "Why not use everybody's real name?" That way you see how deep it gets with me and hip-hop and you can also get a glimpse of the artist when they first started out and how their careers are somewhat intertwined.

"Numbers Can't Measure" ft. Now On - This is a 14KT beat. Eight times out of ten, I get inspired to write from the beat. This beat just sounded like trying and struggle to me. It also kinda reminded me of the song "For U" from my last album how the sample was cut up. So that's the approach I took when writing. I wanted it to be like "For U" but in a different direction, saying, "This is for those that didn't really support me, and thanks for the hate," haha! Now On wasn't even sure they wanted to be on it because when laid my verse down it sounded so personal, but like I said, we like doing things a little different and unconventional around here so that's why I wanted them on it, because people wouldn't expect a guest appearance on a song so personal. KT had already named the beat "Numbers Can't Measure" before I got it so I figured it was a fitting name for the song, kinda saying to critics that my music is my life so you can't really rate it. Only God can judge me so your rating system for your website or magazine is cool, but at the end of the day I'm still gonna be me and do what I do.

"Real Appeal" ft. Ab - I had this song idea in my head. I told KT that I wanted a beat that was raw, just drums and a bassline. Something to break your neck to. We were in the lab talking about one of our favorite artists who was really inspiring us at the time so we threw her album on (hint hint) and was listening to it. He said it was a song of hers he really wanted to sample, so he did! Right there on the spot. I wasn't 100% convinced on it at first because a) her album was barely two years old at the time, and b) it needed to be touched up a little. But once he touched it up and replayed the bassline with a live bass, it was a wrap. I knew I wanted to do something sexy, since I'm grown, and have been grown for a while now, haha! I wanted to see if I could get away with sexy. I knew I needed a male vocalist since we never really had that on a track before aside from us singing ourselves and because I was talking to all my lay-teeeeees! Haha! I wrote the hook, hollered at my man Ab who was working with KT and everybody and they mama at the time. I asked him to lend us his talents and the rest is history.

"Goin' Nowhere" - This one is simple, classic hip-hop, classic AML. KT had the beat; I knew this would be the group joint. We didn't wanna do anything pretty or on the feel good vibe. We just wanted to do it how we did it when we first started, straight spit! We didn't care how long it was or if the hook was catchy or nothing. Straight looped the beat the whole way through, 6 minutes of spit, "Triumph" style, haha!

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