Thursday, August 28, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Guessing Game

Artist: Elzhi
Album: The Preface
Song: Guessing Game

K, K. You want to play? How should we start?
You try and guess the other half of this word. We'll use smart-
-alec. You see how easy that was?
I say a line like: My head get slight when I'm catching a buzz-
-cut. Got it? Well we can do another
Why was Sally shocked to find there was a nine inside my under-
-age? Now we can really begin
Long as this beat keep the treats falling out of my pen-
(piƱ)-ata. Rather slow or faster it's disaster
I come flowing harder than a master-
(mastur)-bator. Now in the streets we a mess, try to test
We drop it, you stop, pop a two in your rest-
(resp)-tory system. They claim they the best
Hey, you ask me I say maybe they were OK, yes-
-terday. They wouldn't even respond
Those niggas pussy and they don't want to fuck around with a con-
-dom. I live the life of a star
See me glide in different rides like I live inside of a car-
-nival. Yea, that's your girl in the stand
She's a fan, when I'm done she's going to want to give me a hand-

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