Monday, August 4, 2008

Verse Of The Day:Sean Price

Artist:Heltah Skeltah (feat. Illa Noyz)
Song:Sean Price

[1st Verse]
Some say Sean Price is, nice-is on mic devices
Pack more power which make me more mightier than Isis
Try this, that's when the Ruck shakes the rictor
Inflictsta bring pain my aim is to rip ya
Picture you tryin to break through my path
My eight blasts all you fuckin snakes in the grass
Went to hell with angel dust,plus i bust the devils lungs
With lyrics that come from tip of the tongue now you sprung
Sean sparks like John Starks in the fourth Quarter
Oughta meet my peeps, that's deeper than the tora
Unforgettable like nat king,
Louieville chill because my motherfucking slap stings
This track brings, the average career to a halt
It ins't my fault you fell victim to my verbal assault
If i had dollars for every nigga who dared to battle me on microphones,
I'd fuck around and be a millionaire

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