Monday, August 11, 2008

Verse Of The Day:You're Everything

Album:II Trill
Artist:Bun B Ft.VA
Song:You're Everything

[MJG:Last Verse]
They call me pimp tight, MJG
The dirty south, it's everything I want, everything I need
Everything I'm hungry for
When I'm outta town gotta get home just for it
Everything that I been raised to love
The wheels that my grandmamma gave to us
Racial profilin, police harass are regular days to us
You say door, we say doe
You say four, we say fo
You say whore, we say ho
You want more, but we want mo
What else is there left for me to do
This the dedication from me to you
The south, I know you gonna see me through
So until I die, I wanna be with you
You're everything.

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