Monday, July 7, 2008

Verse Of The Day

Artist:Jedi Mind Tricks Feat.Planetary Of Outerspace
Album:Violent By Design
Song:I Against I

In my historical oracle
I blast metaphorical
editorials educated
in my territorial
get torn
heavily armed with seventy bombs
that'll blast divine like the heavenly song
Your men'll be gone
if they explore my deepest thoughts
I beat hearts in two then ask demons for chalk
I'm dreaming a stalk
MCees in the dark I walk
Blindfolded the mind's golden
Watch how you talk
My style is an art
Recognize lyrical purity
All hell breaks loose like a mall with no security
The dopest vocalist (I)
with my third eye, I focus with
I proceed, flow with the speed of an Indy motorist
There's more to this than wasted
Shiny chains and bracelets
I hit tracks my tongue waitin for the brains to blaze in
Amazin angelic, tell it to your people
(Sample:Your mic and my mic, come on yo now equal)

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