Saturday, July 19, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Heard It All Before

Artist: Ghostface Killah
Album: Hidden Darts: Special Edition
Song: Heard it Before *

[Ghostface Killah]
I'm the Mighty Joe Young of rap
Live off of mighty gold, tongue and yack
Ya'll be amazed how I brought it back
Two porsche's, big ass ranch with twelve horses
Scarface breeze when I speak, the all bosses
Plus the jewelry so truck, the cuffs get you nauseous
Two years, been through like six divorces
Now the talking put my business in the street, but
I'm like cement, I rock when I step
Kill music with no hands and leave with no weed stuff
Like my bitches better when they wore Reebok's
See hot, let's have a toast, I verbally bomb deacons
Have the whole church praying for Ghost
When we speak we give sermons, and switch our names over permits
The big shit, you might get burned with
God-body fly automobiles with grills
Two thousand, fifteen, nigga, we can take off the wheel
A Georget Jetson, so ya'll sit still
Chill, peace to Queens, so the God Allah reel's reel
It's the takeover, breaks over, make something
For funny ass package, who want, and a cake over
Monster bangels, bojangles got the forty cocked from all angles
Fuck a rope nigga, my gold chain'll hang you
Danish darts, language arts, slanger banger you
Punk motherfucka...

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