Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cyne - Pretty Dark Things OUT NOW!! (Mini-Review)

Yup CYNE has finally released the followup to Evolution Fight and its dope. Be sure to cop in on iTunes or Amazon


  • 1. "Just Say No"
  • 2. "The Runaway"
  • 3. "Calor"
  • 4. "Escape"
  • 5. "Money Parade"
  • 6. "Pretty Black Future"
  • 7. "Elephant Rome"
  • 8. "The Dance"
  • 9. "Opera"
  • 10. "Prototypes"
  • 11. "Fuzzy Logic"
  • 12. "Never Forget Pluto"
  • 13. "Pianos On Fire"
  • 14. "Radiant Cool Boy"
  • 15. "Excite Me"
  • 16. "Scattered"

Also I'll drop two songs off it but you should still buy it. I prefer Evolution Fight over this but I need another listen to really say something like that. But CYNE is starting to diversify their music from other indie groups with the same sound. Their lyrical growth is evident while the production has became more original and creative. This album is easily one of the best this year and will probably be one of the most underrated as CYNE is criminally unknown and often flies under many radars. The favorite tracks on this album are The Runaway, Money Parade, Pretty Black Future, Fuzzy Logic, Piano's On Fire & Radiant Cool Boy. All of those are great and the entire album shines so it comes down to person preference on the standout tracks. I strongly recommend you copping this album..


Elephant Rome

Fuzzy Logic

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