Sunday, July 27, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Stairway to Heaven

Artist: Hell Razah & Blue Sky Black Death
Album: Razah's Ladder
Song: Stairway to Heaven

[Hell Razah]
The first step on Razah's Ladder it's like abracabra
The last laughter that came after
The last Revelations chapter
My flow capture, the mindstate of a slave master
Adohn, Omish, redneck cracker
Watch the project church pastor
Who be worse than a purse snatcher
This the curse of computer hackers
Download it, let the music scatter
I'm the future of the streets y'all
I'm Total Recall, you hear the beat y'all
Yeah you got a chip in ya head big as a meat ball
I sneak into City Hall, tell the mayor "It's on"
We need to call that energy on
George Bush be Damian Thorn, until the day that I'm gone
They come back in the alien form
Book of Daniel, beware of the whores, we bear arms
Like Huey P, truthfully ain't no unity
I'm underground like where Osama at
So light a Cuban cigar, sip some Cognac
I be a heart attack to wack rap artist's tracks
You just an art of stack, A&R's kick back
Most of my fanbase hate Bush but love Kush
The White House'll get ambushed
You shittin' son? And makin' them Pamper's
We creepin' on the movement like a stealth, born Panther
Matter of fact, you lookin' more better with dancers
I'm in the Pentagon lookin' for answers
Found out ya best rapper had him a Phantom
No not the car in the back with the beautiful broad
He had an old God writtin' his bars
I'm the bomb, won't butcher 'em
If I kill, I'ma kill him with charm
Give 'em an endin' how they finished Saddam
This the black Ariel Sharon
My sixteen's like the holy Quran
But I'm Brooknam 'til I lose an arm

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