Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Can't Let Her

Artist: Little Brother
Album: Separate But Equal
Song: Can't Let Her

Uh, uh, I'm still singin
Them Dog Sacks on stage, they still swingin
And even when they try to go hard at us
I'm Joe's Law status, hat low, still leanin
The head nigga in charge is still dreamin
Of an industry where hot shit's rewarded
And dope shit's recorded and dumb shit's ignored
And I, sold my heart to the world, nobody bought it
And, everybody made a B-line
Quick to say that LB was on the decline, hold up - rewind
Wasn't it just a year or so ago
when we was them same niggas that everybody was behind?
But that's how it is when you dealin with the evil
Get a little status and they think you too regal
That's the nature of people
Why you think muh'fuckers like to feed pigeons but try to shoot eagles?
And if you too feeble you won't make it, I admit
sometimes I thought about walkin away from this bitch
Cause we been fuckin around for too damn long
But she too damn young and I'm just too damn grown
And it feels like she laughin at me
I can't be mad cause she wanna shake her laffy taffy
I coulda took my degree and used my business savvy
But won't do cause I am so happily unhappy witchu
I can't let her...

Some might disagree but that Drama/Little Brother tape called Seperate But Equal is my favorite project from them. Those songs are all classic. I played the shit out of them. Also this was my first taste of Little Brother. This song is classic LB.

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