Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Leak #29: Africa feat. D'Angelo

Leak 29 - Mickey Factz feat. D'Angelo - Africa

As an Artist, not a Rapper, we're obligated to express our opinions on different topics that affect us in some way shape or form. This song is no different. With the help of D'angelo, I bring the soul and love back to the Motherland. Gotta love the culture.
Before I drop the link, I want it to be known that Leak #32 will be decided by the fans. Please submit a concept via video or email to and the best one will get translated thru music.

Songs pretty dope. Every week Mickey seems to surprise me more and more. Some call him a hipster but what hipster making songs like this and "I'm Sean"? Mickey is no hipster, people brand him that due to his appearance. Plus wtf is a hipster anyway? Never understood that term.

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