Sunday, July 6, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Epilogue

Artist: J-Live
Album: The Best Part
Song: Epilogue

It's been stated that I rhyme like God and I ?? like a poet
One hand ?? the other like Lady Macbeth
Flip styles like Bela Karolyi
Warm hearted, cold blooded
I write like opposite left
I left opposites right what they left off
My rights left right-wing as left to right beside me
Left my right hand man 'cause he left what's right
And I reserve the right to write 'til I'm free
'Cause I free styles with my pen,
That ya'll couldn't if you freestyled all day long
Literally, this literature designed for one orator
Stays on the head
Emcee's emcee, that I be the emcee's emcee
'Cause I am saying what I am thinking
Except when my mind's blinking
My eyes open even when my eyes' drinking
I's a socializer, but more so with those wiser
Ask yourself why's a music so misused it's self contained
And not self sustained
I myself contemplate this 'til I make myself complain
Shall my raps stay maintained, wrapped in cellophane
'Til they're unwrapped by human consumers?
Emphatically no, so I rap wherever I go
And let it grow up in your brain like a tumor

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