Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Vibin

Artist: Athletic Mic League
Album: Sweats and Kicks
Song: Vibin'

You call that genius? It's more like the stroke of ignorance
And I'll be more than happy to fix those broken sentences
The only problem is (what); they're blowing in the wind
And you can't pick up the pieces cause you don't know where to begin
Start with that main organ a few inches below your chin
You hear a beaten but you don't know what coast you're listening
It says -- "Fella you must destroy
Those thoughts that got you running around like your mama don't love you boy"
I'm just keeping it real, but real to me -
Is not a real emcee but a real human being, and
We do the things that seem to get applause
It's called hip-hop, and we rockin for the cause
Not the kind of rock that fiends abuse -
The kind of rock that make your speakers move
What side you claim, you don't need to choose
We all the same, all my people groove
Cause when it's all said and done we dot the i's and cross t's
Y'all gonna know this cat they call ???
Make the names household, y'all gon see
But for now just vibe with me

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