Thursday, July 10, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Rising Up

Artist: The Roots f/ Wale, Chrisette Michele
Album: Rising Down
Song: Rising Up

Hip-Hop ain't dead cuz the pulse is in us
I got the Everclear flow, they mimosa with it
We are the hope of the culture, they supposed to listen
And I'm supposed to pivot like I'm a forward in the league, I'm Oden with it
Yet don't owe them niggas nothing but potent lyrics
But if you ain't got the dance they revoke your spinning
So good rappers ain't eating they Olsen twining
But I'm so committed, they have grown familiar
With the counterfeit hitters they so-so with it, but they are Sosa with it.
They Mark McGuire with the written, I'm Rodriguez
On the road to riches this is the fork I'm hitting
This is the trial and error era no co-defendant
I push The Seed every time like I'm Cody with it
I said the one-hit wonders pneumonia to us
I don't know you niggas, hit the road my nigga

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