Thursday, July 24, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Speed Racin'

Artist: Little Brother f/ Chaundon, Skyzoo
Album: Separate But Equal
Song: Speed Racin'

Uh, Phontigga still sick with the homonyms
I say what up to your mans and your moms and 'nem
A lotta niggas wanna take my place
Deep down, get the fuck out my space like Tom and 'nem
I'm up in Topshop wanderin, how the game got fucked up
Sat back and assessed it - niggas really think
That if they ain't been arrested
Shot or locked up, we ain't interested
That ain't all true, and that ain't all you
And if it ain't, ain't no need to lie about it
Just cause a nigga got the skills to sell dope
Don't mean he got the same skills to rap about it
I came to rep the true article
Makin every word, every verse spill like it was a part of you
I never rhyme about no robbin or thievin
And still got you niggas bobbin and weavin
Like after school, so fuck haters, and the naysayers
On the low, niggas is probably eighth graders
Cats that won't play us cause they play favourites
In the long term, on my own terms I'll make it

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Trilogy said...

I also thought this was a super dope verse