Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Fire

Artist: Elzhi
Album: Europass
Song: Fire

Verse One:
What I put down in the sound coil is Crown Royal
It's like I dug in the ground soil and found oil
I'm known to terrorize, paralyze a pair of guys or prepare to rise off the land, sea, air, and skies
Snatch his heart, but spare his eyes
To show him why I'm great, violate, and I annihilate
My punchlines ain't just tossin' jabs, they often grab to put you in a Boston Crab
Caution, they say I'm psychosomatic in the attic
My automatic stick to my clothes like static
-cling on, better kiss the fist while the ring's on
On the winning hand, four aces, now a king's drawn
What, how you want it, head or gut?
Let it cuts from the machete, you're not ready
Check, 1-2 and you don't stop
For niggas frontin', I get you open till the buttons on your coat pop

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