Saturday, July 12, 2008

Something great you missed in 07'

You ever listen to an album and be like,"Damn,When the hell did this come out!!!" ?....

I found myslef saying this while hearing Transitions and just being in a state of overall enjoyment.Arts the Beatdoctor is a very jazzy producer who comes from The Netherlands with a unique sound that you just can't deny and to be honest,I don't really know that much more about him, His music really speaks for him. From his myspace description,You kinda get a feel for his personality.....

Residents in the area of Hilversum, The Netherlands, have reported seeing a certain shady figure lurking about the local hospital. This individual is dressed in some sort of freakish doctors’ attire, including coat, stethoscope and a scalpel the size of a small sword. It’s rumored that he has been able to infiltrate the medical staff, referring to himself as ‘a new kind of medical expert’ called a ‘Beatdoctor’. All that is known so far is that he goes about the hospital, indiscriminately prescribing unhealthy doses of cinematic, dark and melancholic hip-hop beats to unsuspecting patients. When confronted with these reports, the medical staff has been quick to distance itself from the practices of this shadowy individual, describing his brand of medicine as ‘unusual’, ‘evocative’, and in some cases even ‘dangerous’. The point of his experimental treatments, and the side-effects they might have for his test subjects have seen rampant speculation from keen observers in the field. Now it seems his plans can finally be revealed…

Transitions is a super smooth LP that was released in 2007 that is sure to shake heads up with its almost organic pace.While having some MC's spit on a few tracks, Where this album really shines is in the instrumental joints, Songs that will straight have you vibing with them.

As you can tell,I like this album alot. I'm sure you will to if you give it a listen,But hey why listen to a lowly islander?...Listen for yourself. Think for yourself.

Blending Quality

All Of Us Featuring Pete Philly

Laughs, Drinks, Jokes ,Tricks

Decreasing Daylight

Crazy Times Featuring Skiggy Rapz

His myspace.

Sidenote:He recently release a new EP by the named Progression, Can't wait till I can cop it. Have high expectations

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