Monday, July 14, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Live In The Sky

Artist: T.I. f/ Jamie Foxx
Album: King
Song: Live in the Sky

My cousin Tu ain't have to die, right in front of his son and his wife
He lost his life struggling over a gun
Give a damn what he done, that's my muhfuckin folk
And I love that nigga to death, no muhfuckin joke
I can feel my eyes fillin, the Lord is my witness
If I catch him, I'mma kill him, I made it my business
Back in the day, you stayed in my business
Taught me I ain't have to incorporate yay in my business
Coincidentally, that's why today you not wit me
My cousin died over some yay, and I miss him
Plus he at his family house, let's say she the eye witness
But her boyfriend did the shootin, judge gave a life sentence
I heard that, now I'm dressed up in all black
Shot up the whole apartment, she still ain't brought back
The best friend I had in Jamel, I lost that
Guess ya death was a lesson in life, it taught me that

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