Monday, July 28, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Citronella

Artist: Aesop Rock
Album: None Shall Pass
Song: Citronella

The mobile infantry is so postal
Coast into the quotient provoking the local Pistol Pete
Choking his liberty and justice quotas and cloaking his folk in smithereens;
Smokey little pile of bloody pulp and co-dependencies
Dopey, no surrender, bender in effect
Sole defenders of the longest night New York had never slept
And there were jumping jacks and whistlers over Christmas
Like Rockets From The Crypt spilling the festive morning beverage of your preference
I step in Hog Heaven, stony, with no weapons
Pissing on teleprompters, selling megaphones to hecklers
Who broadcast 80 million versions of the sermon
For that one indisputable masterpiece before the curtains
Pale, Arcadian moon, high-definition, flat plasma
IMAX, city-wide transfer
Artificial Einstein-Rosen out the tenement
Ease into the "Xanadu", let it hammer the tension out
I'm talking cool, calm, dominant phenomenal
Monitor face to the wall opposite
U.F.O.'s and locusts sing the same old song
While the Weathermen get retarded as the day is long

My favorite verse from the entire album, None Shall Pass. I've been bumping that again a lil lately. Also I found out not pacing your music listening habits, the music would feel watered down. So remember pace your self. Kinda like a beginner at

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