Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Life Is Looking Great!!!

Well I'm half way of leading the job that has kept me busy and worrying lately. Got great news about it this morning. So I'm in a pretty good mood to be sincere. With that said, I will be attending the TM concert that heads to Dallas next friday and the LB concert in Aug.

New Busta Rhymes song is hot (Got Bass). That song is dope, I liked Milli but this song is on par to honest. Hopefully Blessed will be better then C3. But according to rumors we might not hear Blessed for a while since Busta might be or been dropped from Interscope. Though I really doubt they'll drop Busta. The music industry is weird and unpredictable so you never know.

Also since we talking about Busta Rhymes. Busta is featured on the newly leak Gym Class Heroes song, Peace Sign. The song is nice as hell. I'm expecting something mean from The Quilt which according to Travie will be dropping on September 9th.

Here's GCH newest release, Patches From The Quilt EP

1. Cookie Jar ft The Dream
2. Peace Sign/Index Down ft Busta Rhymes
3. Blinded By The Sun

Kooley High
has now opened their online store The Kooley Store. It contains all K. High merchandise. Also it has the Summer Session, Gold Tooth Edition EP (which contains the orignal EP & two new songs) for $5.00. Low price for some timeless music. I'll definitely be ordering that next check.

and last but not least (the best part) it's Summer!!!

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