Monday, July 21, 2008

Verse Of The Day: In This

Artist: (Oh No f/) Murs
Album: Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms
Song: In This

I be on kamikaze missions, hittin tracks head on
For those who dared to disrespect this culture, that I bled on
I'm headstrong, I make rash decisions
While I'm spittin pure salt that'll crash your vision
You got the game on lock, then I smash your prison
I make empires crumble when I clash with rhythm
Your whole group straight fruit with no passion in 'em
Yes cash is venom, and we all been affected
But I made the antidote, when I wrote this record
You shouldn't have to be broke, so that folks respect it
You can still be a joke, with the dopest necklace
Just {shittin} on the talent that, you've been blessed with
Who the {fuck} am I to invoke the message
Haven't been to that level but I hope I'm tested
When I get there I hope I don't, choke and wreck it
So I can go out dope and, most respected

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