Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My First Love Of Music...Hip Hop

The first hip-hop I remember quoting is Tupac's Hail Mary which released when I was only 7. Song was deep and though I didn't know what the song was talking bout 11 years ago. It gave me a dark deep scary feeling that seem to dance on my in the top of my chest. I remember when Pac dead I was watching Showtime At The Apollo with my older cousin. And Snoop was performing I believe.
I really didn't realized what happened but I knew it was big.

Now I'm not going lie and say I was born listening to KRS, Rakim & shit. But basically I've always liked Hip-Hop but whatever was on the radio that is what I listened to. My first album that I owned was bought by my step-father as a gift and its was Jay-Z's Blueprint. Clean version of course though I knew his hit single "H to Izzo" and past works like Big Pimpin', Hard Knock Life & Jigga My Nigga. But besides those I knew nothing about Jay-Z. Then I copped the Black Album then shortly after College Dropout.

Soon after I opened my music view to Trae, Lil' Wayne, Z-Ro & T.I. basically alot of southern music. Then my cousin from the Chi told me about a group called Little Brother. I got that feeling that I got when I first heard Hail Mary, Blueprint & College Dropout. I got this feeling that made me want more so further explored and kept taking advice and exploring new music & artist to make the person I am now......an Music Lover

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