Monday, July 7, 2008

The Crooked The Truth

[Z-Ro (left) & Trae (right)]

For those aren't familiar with Texas Hip Hop you've probably looked over these two talented individuals. Z-Ro & Trae are cousins from the Lone Star State (CHEA!). They have many solo albums between the two but now they are teaming up for a collaboration album called "It Is What It Is". Simple title that sure to bring some serious noise to the table. Both have unique styles compared to what you might expect from Texas.

Tracklisting (click for snippets)
01. Umm Umm
02. Still Throwed
03. Who’s The Man
04. Whoa [Skit]
05. Whoa [Feat. Jayton & Lil’ Boss]
06. Rain
07. Miss My Dawg
08. I Wanna Get High
09. No Help
10. Down In Texas [Feat. Hawk]
11. SOS [Skit]
12. SOS
13. This Is 3-16’s [Feat. Bulletproof]
14. Picture Me
15. Turning Heads
16. In My City
17. Still Gets No Love
18. Keep On

This album is sure to be hot. The chemistry between the two MCs is great. They seem to have exhausted the drama surrounding the two. Something I think was just a rumor. But make sure to cop the album and check out some of their previous work underneath.

Still Watchin'

My Momma

One Night

(BONUS) From The South (remix) - Trae feat. Z-Ro & SLAB

Z-Ro & Trae - No Help (Video)

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