Monday, July 21, 2008

That Would Be Dope....

RIP John Lennon
(A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality. )

If Hip-Hop would finally unify to create a unstoppable force representing the middle to lower income of the community trying to make a change for the better.

If ALL Hip-Hop stars would give back to their community that help make them the person they are instead of the mindless spending of millions of dollars on cars and jewelry.

If people stopped over-hyping Nas' latest album. Would that be the end of the world?

If everything Nas did regardless how shitty it is wasn't over hyped as the best thing ever.

TIMEOUT!!!..Seriously Im not a Nas fan but nor am I a hater. I like It Was Written and a hand full of other stuff from him mostly featuring AZ. But his last album was okay but not great. Dead Prez? Public Enemy? Immortal Tech? All of them been preaching that same ish Nas duplicated and did it better or on par. Isn't any thing new plus if it wasn't Nas and somebody else used the same lyrics and beats it wouldn't have all this speculation around it.


If Che Grand would release that album

If Danny! wasn't one of the coolest artist I've talked to....(Dude is real cool)

If College wasn't so expensive though many called it a major stepping stone to success

If GZA didn't embarrass himself by bringing up all beef. Seriously GZA...i like you music but dissing Soulja (17) and 50 who diss ppl just for fun is a bad look man....

If people supported the Dilla family by actually waiting and purchasing his material

If I would have made it to that Tanya Morgan concert. I would be so happy!

If Buff1's new album wasn't in the top 5 so far. But it is....:-)

Just imagina folks cause use you brain and have pride in knowledge not this superficial things cause in the end they can take your processions and other things but can't take your mind...

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