Sunday, July 20, 2008

Beats, Rhymes, Blog, Tap Yo Broad, I'm doing it all better....

Those who have talent beyond MC'ing are often looked over cause they venture out further then some would like them to. Example many hate the fact that Phonte sings and covers 80 songs. Well I respect the fact that he doesn't stick to one lane but he drives in two and dominate them equally.
Some rappers like produce as well as MCs. They most likely started both around same time cause producing your own music is alot cheaper.

The ability to do more then just usual multi is what a lot of artist are missing. Some just rap for the sake of rapping. The thing that makes 45% percent of the stuff out sound alike is the message and how it's told. Some stick to the simple punchline "I spit fire like a stove" setup to tell you that their better. But that gets boring where the creativity?

While there has been a emerging number of talented young MCs there are those who steal the spotlight by copying them. Now with that said I respect every and i mean EVERY artist out no matter their pros & cons. But I am entitled to my opinion. Now I know first hand rap can be very differcult and the fans, bloggers & critiques are even more difficult to please. Some fans where see Jay-Z make another RD then let him express his current creativity. This were the multi-talented thing comes in.

If a artist that does more then rap make and pursue singing or some relatively un-Hip Hop associated then they are selling out.

My point is that too many of us hip-hop enthusiast are scare of change so we complain when it happens. And we don't like the thought of something different. Rappers gotta be this hard body guy from Brooklyn that got a whole notebook of punchlines. Think different and don't be scared of change. I must admit approaching something that I'm totally familar with is frightening but use good or bad as a learning experience. Hope this all made sense.......:(

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