Thursday, July 10, 2008

Grand Damn Neezy!

Che Grand out of Brooklyn, NY. Now an affiate with Tanya Morgan has caught some dim light of attention. After releasing the Fixtape he create some buzz mostly from those already familiar with TM, Kay, SFP, Spec Boogie & so on. He also has a EP called The Official Bootleg Import EP which flew under many radars (even mine for a while). The EP is a great doormat to the house Che's creativity. With bangers like Gold Chains, Trainspottin & Naija Interval (Turned Out). Che gives a little snippet of what is to expect for his debut album, Everything's Good Ugly.

With singles like uptempo Swing & hyped Crash how could anyone overlook this album. Yet with a release date. Che has released a few more songs. Girl Talk a real retro smooth type joint almost indescribable and Gift Wrap a lyrical kick in the neck. Both are definite head nodders. With guest verses with Tanya Morgan, Danny!, Spec Boogie & others the anticipation grows even more. Hopefully EGU will release soon as it is sure to make major waves in the indie water that is sure to catch a few glances from the mainstream.

Che was recently added to URB's Next 1000. So be sure to vote for him. HERE..

also Che Grand, Wale & Blu to be rocking the same to the legendary Go-Go band, UCB.
check it if you in the area...
Che Grand - Swing x Crash

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