Monday, September 1, 2008

Simmer Down Cuzo....

"Who got the heart to be heartless? Relieving stress with stress.."

"Short fuse fiending for the clash of the titans. Who's hand skills can't cash the checks that his mouth be writing. Bet ya ass that the little piece of metal will up draw and the deposit the illest type of logic. The lead vector hasn't hit me physically but still I can't dodge. Embedded in my skull and won't let me un lodge it."

"So when you hot shit hit my air conditioner. I don't know if I can play it cool so I suggest you simmer down."

Seriously I wish I could give this song to every wannabe gangbanga that terrorizes our streets. To be honest I'm sick of it. Some where it has to stop. People just don't enjoy the pleasures of life. Don't take your insecurties out on innocent people. Anyway back to the music. This song is so dope on some many levels. J-Live lyrically destroyed this song and the beat is crazy. I love it... Another reason why this is one of the better albums this year....

and Wow who pissed Travis off? He spazzed on "Don't Tell Me It's Over". I know some comment made him made a while ago but geez...thats some harsh ish. If someone could hit me with what exactly was said that would be nice....anyway below is a link to each song and a lil more.....ENJOY!

J-Live - Simmer Down

Gym Class Heroes feat. Lil Wayne & Dre - Don't Tell Me It's Over

Steve Spacek - Dollar (prod. J-Dilla)

Cannibal Ox - Metal Gear

DJ Babu feat. MOP - Departed

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