Saturday, September 20, 2008

Verse Of The Day: So Amazing

Artist: Termanology
Album: So Amazing / Lo IQ 12"
Song: So Amazing

Who you know makes in a turn, riddle me this
If you don't say Rakim, you better say Kiss
Styles P
Kool G or Pac
Anybody else, I put 'em up in the box
They say
Lyrically, I'm the new AZ
Cause if I really wanted to, I could keep up with Nas
Term is like Earth, Wind & Fire
Rims and tires
But you can't ask people, they buy ya
So I'm the flyest sire of this side of Elmyra
I'll walk past papayas and into the fire
Chillin' with Mya
Crushin' Mariah
While I'm, fuckin' with Tyra, you fuckin' the virii
I got
Latino respect like Carlito
Way back with Stretch and Babido
I'm in the lab, it's just me and Primo
The ghost of James Brown and the soul of Chris Rios

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Anonymous said...

who you know nicer then term, riddle me this