Monday, September 8, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Preaching To The Choir

Artist: Skillz
Album: The Million Dollar Backpack
Song: Preaching to the Choir

Uh, now here's a little story that must be told
By the unsaved man who lost and found his soul
It's a classic love ballad, those never get old
Let's piece together the tale of Sean and Nicole
A picture perfect couple in the eyes of they peers
Been together for eight, but only married for four years
Had one kid, both was true to their own
Just moved to the 'burbs and bought a beautiful home
Now Sean had a gift and for years he use it
He was an R & B singer, sang secular music
Nicole worked in the daycare, she loved the kids
Had a nice income, but it never could match his
Now Sean stayed on the road, his schedule was crazy
Nicole spent a lot of nights at home with the baby
And this night in question, while out on tour
Sean made a mistake, she'd never forgive him for
But it's more

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