Friday, September 5, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Angels

Artist: Ghostface Killah & MF Doom
Album: Swift & Changeable
Song: Angels

[MF Doom]
Stay tuned, the Villain Three's Company
Don't sleep, part one

Two brown sisters assisted the Villain, DOOM
He woked up, stoked like they was still in the room
Freed his right arm and leg, it was more like a sweep
Loosened his other leg, arm, head and rose to his feet
Staggerin except for the socks and mask, naked
Grabbed up the boxes, fussin, pissed and checkin
For the keys - stacked, a robbery expected
Yet, nothin obvious is missin
Recollected now why Hollywood hotties stepped into Giuseppe's
And naughty personal nurses, Chanel purses, CLK shotty
Chased the trees with Thai iced teas
She drive while nice to veggie fried rice spicy
Told the hoes "I don't feel so well, my belly
Roll down Melrose, drive me to the telly
Y'all go head and get the L's and get back, I be 'K"
Feelin woozy, no Uzi, who's he see in the lobby? Ray
Peace, pizza man - change a hundred, stopped and looked
Nah, whoops, left the knot in her pocket book
Elevator's slow, "Is I'm that careless?"
Entered the room and fell flat on the terrace
Woke up "Dag!" Who bound and gagged him?
Got him for two outa three packed bags Magnum
Each gram of Villain's sperm, street worth a G
The part of Mr. Furley was played by Charlie Murphy

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