Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Say Goodnight

Artist: Reks
Album: Grey Hairs
Song: Say Goodnight


Rockabye, pop rapper to sleep, heavenly conscious
Melodies monstrous, R's one hell of an artist
Sylibal darksmith, lyrical bars pimp caution
Beware of close parks and midicons conflicts
Even through all this garbage, nonesense, media sponsers
I'm gonna spit the raw shit, regardless
My thoughts in cockpit, steering past and just through the darkness
What nerds be writing blurbs in office
I am return of the legendary, duck through the cemetery
Soul of the ghost in my bones, so I never worry
UHH, I think they want the new Makaveli
I can really feel the pains and the strains through my belly
Hunger gettin' deadly, ain't a killer, don't tempt me
Fill the booth cuz the youth mental frames on empty
Opinion on my rap, the flow's ether, the soulseeker
Born leader, R-E-K-S remember the name

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