Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Edgar Allen Floe - The Streetwise LP & Road To The Streetwise Mixtape (DOWNLOAD!)

Official Tracklisting:
01) 9th Wonder Intro (prod. J Wheels)
02) Settle The Score (Floe Verse)
03) Raw Live (Floe Verse)
04) I Don’t Know Why (prod. J Wheels)
05) The Dirt (w/Mal Demolish of The Undefined - prod. Erv)
06) This Is Your Life (w/Mal Demolish of The Undefined - prod. Blunt)
07) End Zone (prod. Blunt)
08) The Swag (prod. Aksim)
09) Money Money Floe Floe (Floe Verse)
10) Arkitekz (Floe Verse)
11) Confessions Under Fire (feat. Mal Demolish & Cazmere) (prod. Khrysis)
12) Walk These Streets Alone (w/Mal Demolish of The Undefined) (prod. Blunt)
13) Shine (prod. 9th Wonder)
14) Monumental (Floe Verse)
15) Show You Right (Shonuff) (prod. Blunt)
16) Your Eyes (prod. Prov P)
17) Live Live (prod. TymE)
18) Pressure (prod. Rick Gunnz The General)
19) Mercy (prod. 9th Wonder)
20) Untouchable (prod. 9th Wonder)

Haven't heard yet but I'm sure its some fire considering its from Edgar Allen Floe. EAF is a beast on the mic so MC's beware...I can't wait for The Streetwise LP

Watch out for Rapper Big Pooh (of Little Brother)'s Rapper Delight mixtape later today!

Edgar Allen Floe - The Streetwise LP

Track Listing
1. Streetwise Intro
2. What It Is (w/ Median)
3. The Hit
4. Slick Talk
5. So Far
6. I See It All (w/ Mal Demolish & Simone Hines)
7. Arrest The President (Cypher God)
8. Nametag Streetwise
9. Streetwise Intermission
10. Shine
11. Fear (Remix) (w/ L.E.G.A.C.Y. & Sean Boog (of The Away Team))
12. Lifeline (w/ Stray Knoxx & Cazmere)
13. Props
14. Exposure
15. Fair Warning
16. Won't Change

RELEASE DATE: September 16th

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c uy7 said...

I See It All is a masterpiece banger...Simone Hines is the illest vocalist on the planet. Props to E.A. Floe and Mal Demolish...as well as Erv on the beat.