Monday, September 22, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Peeyano Keys

artist: Madvillain
album: N/A
song: Peeyano Keys

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never really matterd to much to me
that I was just too damn old to mc
all that really matters is if your rhymes was ill
girl,that's what really mattered to me

Looks like it's gonna be a great day today
to get me some fresh air, like a stray on a straight away
hey you got a light, na whut light? early in the morning
face crud from like a mudfight,looka here
it's just the way the cookie tear, prepared to get hurt
and mangle like her angle, rookie year
the rocket scientist, with the pocket windless
some even say he might need some pussachiatrist
dude, are you pondering what I'm pondering?
yes, so why would the darn thing be wondering
She's like a foundling, barely worth fondling
her posse's on grow like hey momma I want to sing
mad laced, the bass like erased cards, villain on the case
to break jaws and leave her face scarred
groovy dude, not to proove to be rude
but this stuff is like what you might put on movietune
what is hollapinas, get it like a woofer
when ya holla at your seniors
dial Kareem over here, the hasj he's feeling?
he just came from over there, the grass is greener
last wish? I wish I had two more wishes
and I wished they fixed the door to the matrix
it's mad glaciers, spit so many verses
sometime my george twitches
one thing this party could use is
more .....uhmuhm booz
put yourself in your own shoes
and stay away from all the peers
that bust you tipsy, don't use
he only keep 'em to decorate
if you wanna peep 'em, select a date
and bring a deep check like checkmate
I kid you not, on the dotted line sign
eversince a minor
kids consider him some kinda Einstein
on the diamond mind grine, she was dumb find
but not quite the type that you might wanna wind and dine
couldn't find a pen, had to pick up a new trick
"This one he wrote in cold blood with a toothpick"
on second thought ,it's too thick
his assistents said: doom, you're sick
He said : it's true, threw a goosestick
psycho, his flow is drowned and now we're seasoning
with micropower that's sounding quite reasoning
it's easy as pie, greet one, one fall
one more, one false move and they dumbfall


Anonymous said...

"dumbfall" is the perfect word for this post.

for starters, you got the song title wrong. how we're suppose to accept these lyrics when you didn't even get the song title right is anyone's idea.

the song is called GREAT DAY. Classic song from probably the best (or one of the best) hip hop albums from this decade.

"peeyano keys" is what it's called on an incorrectly tagged mp3 that floats around the www. the real track GREAT DAY sounds about 100 times better.

and it's not "dumb fall". the line is:

It's easy as pi, 3.14
one more one false move and they done for.

mALiZ said...

"Only bitches post anonymous".

First is foremost im sorry I my mistake hurt your feelings. Secondly you explaining like your expose some serious ish. Well i'm sorry I haven't memorized every Doom song...but regardless the name is correct

I like the raw version better...