Friday, September 12, 2008

Spotlight Album: I Predict A Riot

Hezekiah - I Predict A Riot
01. The Beginning ft. Muhsinah
02. Wild & Wreckless
03. If One Falls ft. Eleon
04. That Filling ft. Freeway
05. Looking Up ft. Bilal
06. Single Now
07. Lets Get Involved ft. Jamal
08. Bombs Over Here
09. Definition of a Bitch (Lude)
10. I See Yaw ft. Jaguar Wright
11. I.P.A.R. (Lude)
12. Moments In Sometime ft. Aaron Livingston
13. I Predict A Riot ft. Keziah & E. Shon Burgundy
14. Freak (Lude)
15. Gotta Love It ft. Tarentz Moreese
16. Ghetto People ft. Richard Raw, Kamachi & State Store
17. Afro (Lude)
18. Muhsinah Outro

Another one of my personal favorites from last year. Hezekiah is a great MC and an overall soulful dude. This album opens with some funky drums, the smooth singing of Muhsinah & Heze rippin down the booth. Essentially setting the whole tone of album. But the track after, "Wild & Wreackless" backs up that message with a little more thump in the lyrics of Heze. The rest of the album follows a funky soul vibe as the influences of Dilla is evident. Heze also says he wrote "Wild & Wreakless" the day Dilla passed. Possibly a good friend with the late legend. Neverthe less Heze rhymes like it's his last day on earth and the overall quality of the music it awesome. The guest appearances basically criminally slept-on singers, musicans, MCs & Bilal. Honestly if you haven't heard this album I suggest you cop it off Amazon. Hope Heze got some project coming soon...Oh by the way the awesome production is from Hezekiah himself.

Wild & Wreakless

Bomb Over Here

I Predict A Riot ft. Keziah & Shon Burgundy

That Filling ft. Freeway

Moments In Sometime ft. Aaron Livingston


Wild & Wreakless

Looking Up feat. Bilal

I See Yaw feat. Jaguar Wright

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