Monday, September 22, 2008

Got Me Stuck In The Friend Zone

So more and more I've been feeling TiRon. A while back I posted his mixtape " Handshakes & Pounds" but ever since he dropped that he seems to be on a constant grind. I too sure if he dropping a new tape, EP or album but the recent tracks he's leaked are dope as hell. I can easily relate to his music as I've used a wingman, threw my money and been stuck in the "Friend" zone. So I feel his song usually quoting him atleast for a hour while at work to pass the time. He's got a real laid back flow and unlike others TiRon probably live his muss so you can sense the passion in the lyrics..and to top off the desert of great music, he got some great production to flow over...

Throwing My Money

Quitter feat. Tunji & Ayomari

My Wingman & Me feat. Ayomari

Sydney feat. Ayomari

Still Never Happy (prod. Madlib)

All The Kings Men - Blu & TiRon


Shine On

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