Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Golden Hour....

14kt from Lab Techs is dropping his solo debut album entitled The Golden Hour. If you heard Buff1's album you know exactly how talented he is. He recently won the Red Bull Big Tune Battle in Detroit and is on his way to New York for the finals. But if you not convince then check out the weekly leak....Yup one song a week off his upcoming album..which drops on October 14(kt).

ALSO special congratulations to DJ Haircut of Lab Tech & Now On who is Stones Throw Records' newest acquisition.

The Golden Hour (Tracklist)
1. The Waiting Room (The Main Theme) feat. Lovesong
2. Surgery
3. The Inside feat. Tiffany Paige (Zo! – Bass/Keys)
4. NNE Mode
5. Ypsilanti
6. Hihatspectations
7. The D Light In You
8. Love Handle
9. Tick Tock Hustle
10. Ivory Pillars
11. ICU Smile feat. Karla Crawford (Zo! – Guitar/Additional Bass)
12. Can We?? (Chill Again)
13. Trust Issues
14. When My Sunsets (The Golden Hour)
15. Less Than Enough feat. AB (Sam Beaubien – Trumpet, Zo! – Additional Keys)
16. The Night
17. Reprise (Start Over) feat. Lovesong
18. Miss U. (4 Lost Loved Ones)
19. Without Dilla (Donut 2 Dilla Feb. 06’)
20. Illustrious feat. Jax of Lunar Unit


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