Sunday, September 21, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Beautiful Girl

Artist: Cunninlynguists
Album: A Piece of Strange
Song: Beautiful Girl

[Verse 2: Deacon]
Yeah, spread them legs jane, I need a head change
Coochie hairs flame colored, sweet lil red thangs
She riddles every area of my brain with deep tickles
Mary, married her, carries my pain? nope
An angel came to me one night chillin
Said "I won't change you, just tame who's within that Villian"
I said "cool, lets lay up with the stars for a minute"
Next I know we break up roaches from cigars
We done finished
Jane doing things that made me search my soul
I's a young one, she's an old freak that cuts slow
Leave her? Right now you got a hellafied no
I guess I needs her, that double edged ledge cuts throats
I love the please-her, or pleasure, whatever call it liesure
You call her a crutch, y'all hush, I call her 'Retha
Undressin her, loving the resin upon fingertips
Its over when I roll me a Fat Lady
Now sing it bitch

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