Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spotlight Albums: Tommorrow Already/Picture This.../WLIB AM: King Of The Wigflip

Now On - Tommorrow Already
Many of you have seen me sing the praise of Now On. But with their newest album I think they have surpassed my expections. Tommorrow Already is a collection soulful and lyrical music. Not just talking about bling or how they hate those with bling. Now On makes creativity music like the kind their parents listened to. See many don't recoginize that the bitching about how dead hip hop is just isnt cool. Make some good hip hop music and prove it is. Well Now On doesn't even touch the subject but they prove that it isn't dead. Well as always when Haircut blesses us with his creativity sounds we must point out just how talent he is. Well through out this record Haircut stays consistent with the majority of songs he produced. Also featured on this album is Jake One & Atsronote. Arguably one of the best producers out period....Now On lyrically keep it on point. I was totally satisfied after listening to this album but pen point to certain tracks it hard so I just leave up to you....cop Tommorrow Already nuff said...

The Answer


DJ KO - Picture This...
Now I was impressed by the line-up on S1's album or Jake One but the lineup on DJ KO's album has to be the sickest. Would you ever think you'd see Torae & O.C. on one track over some Ayatollah production? The album opens up with one of my favorite rappers Silent Knight and underrated East spitting some dope shit over 9th Wonder's thumping drums. The album has the best of the best MCs over the best of the best producers. But the are standouts are Silent Knight who destroyed ever track he was on while Emilio Rojas (Raks-One) freely unleashes vicious multis and metaphors. Then after the killer Elzhi/Royce/Supastition track you hear one of the dopest samples then some "loud drums and crazy loops" courtesy of Illmind. Analogic is perhaps the most impressive artist to touch this album. Seriously don't sleep on Analogic..But special thanks to DJ KO for putting together such a great album.

Get 'Em f/ Silent Knight, Skyzoo & Emilio Rojas (Produced by ILLmind)

Mind of a Genius f/ Chaundon, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Finale & Sean Boog (Produced by Analogic)

Madlib - WLIB AM: King Of The Wigflip
Its Madlib. He's great. This album is great. Following suit of Jackson Conti's Sujinho, Beat Konducta Volume 5 and Madvillany 2 remixes. The production on this album is epic. I was reading on Stone Throws board and people were down this album. Some people are just too nic picky and only song with subpar production was Murs joint..which sorry Lib, sounds like some simple FL Studio drum pattern but besides that. This album is crazy. Guilty Simpson killed his two joints. Go! is heavy well Blow The Horn On Em is Guilty beasting...I like the interludes and the instrumentals sprinkled over the album. Madlib even pulls out the rhyme book on a few joints. So stop all the downing of Madlib just cop the album...

Smoke Break

Take That Money feat. Oh No & Roc C

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