Saturday, April 26, 2008

Verse Of The Day

AZ - The Come Up

[2nd Verse]

You know the saga, who live or who hotter, who shot at who at the Vermada.
I know about beats since Bambata.
Before beat streetz, streetz were never knee deep with them Ryderz.
Gunz and money, someone was hungry, disfunctional family's that come from junkiez.
Jail birds whos wanted for warrants, jumpin countryz,
just tryna survive like a bunch of monkeyz.
Marked dollars, DEA narcs with collars,
niggaz snitchin and still got the heart to holla.
Hot chicks in short skirts and damn near topless.
Play fly and they gossip, stay high and just ride D(dick).
Cant call it, too fresh to sprawl it, two checks to roll with, grew up next to all this.
So understand, I know from first hand, and lies of a church man, high off his first gram.

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