Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Verse Of The Day

The Pharcyde - Somethin' That Means Somethin'

1st Verse

Wasn't a black prophet wasn't in it for the profit
had a talk with Charlie Brown, he was like yo man get off it
It's a business
the record companies are quick to end the fantasy
your trapped in and he tapped in my frequency
now I'm frequently going
over such and such ends that such and such owes
It's later for the fly girls and hoes
cause in this capitalistic society money is all
fuck continuing college, I was too small to play ball
so I grabbed the MIC device never thought about it twice
If you think this is a game nigga you better think twice...
I gotta kick somethin that means somethin
somethin that means somethin
somethin that means somethin

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