Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Verse Of The Day: I (Mikey) Rock!

artist: The Cool Kids
song: I (Mikey) Rock
album: Totally Flossed Out EP

Mission complete for all those who don't know
Sienara to afros and old flows
The concept of rockin shows is so old
Just keep 'em off the wall like vans logos
Pull it together the spare change and hobos
Cause if you got change in your pocket
Then instantly the dames start flockin'
And if you'll show me to the stage
I rock.
Yes that song request, all I need is a mic and Inglish
Drop the beat all right I proceed to spit
Me and the beat start fightin with the snares and kicks
Now it's a riot on the track
Reason why is cause I'm fire and I'm hired to do that
And ii'm fire cause I'm liver then tha wire that was tired
Bought back from tha dead
Let it rest on ya head.

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