Sunday, April 27, 2008

Oh NO!!! Not Jeanie!!!

Please tell me Jean isn't gone!

This what she posted on her myspace blog....

Everyone who has been on this ride with me since the beginning and continues to be a supporter of music that makes you feel something true and vulnerable and honest by being just that. It's been a wonderful and awful journey all at the same time. Mostly leaning towards the wonderful Thank you for letting me share what I could with you and sharing yourselves back, as you have really been the reason that I kept on. It's always nice to know that you could be the voice of someone who didn't have one, or know just how to say it. No comment or letter or statement of appreciation has ever gone unnoticed. I love to write, I love to be able to create imagery and a world out of just words. I will always love what I consider to be true hip hop music... from the bottom of my soul. I hope you will continue to distinguish those who are contributors to the evolution of hip hop and other black music as both an auditory stimulation and a culture, taking care that they are put in a position to do so. Thank you listeners, whom I consider my friends and family.... Enjoy.... see y'all around.. It's been amazing.. thank you again. peaces..
Now I don't wanna jump to conclusion but she even erase all her pics till only one were she is blowing a kiss goodbye and her screen name to "Jean Grae Saying Peace Out"....Maliz will be hurt if this is true..... I wanna reach out to Jean to see whats up. Hopefully I'll get something. But if it true thank you Jean for great music...

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