Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spotlight Album: Renaissance Child

Hell Razah - Renaissance Child


1. Nativity

2. Buried Alive
3. Renaissance feat. Tragedy Khadafi, Timbo King and R.A. Rugged Man
4. Project Jazz feat. Talib Kweli & Viktor Vaughn produced by MF DOOM
5. Los Pepes pt.1 feat. Bronze Nazareth produced by Bronze Nazareth
6. Dear Sistah skit.
7. Yours Truly
8. Glow prod by 4th Disciple
9. Chain Gang
10. Runaway Sambo
11. Smoking Gunnz feat. Killah Priest
12. Millenuim Warfare produced by Bronze Nazareth
13. Musical Murdah feat. Ras Kass
14. Maccabee House feat. The Maccabeez
15. Lost Ark
16. Thankful

My Thoughts
My first listen to Hell Razah was out of pure curiosity. It turned out to be a good look. This album was one of the best of 07. So far is my favorite Wu Affiliate album along with Bronze Nazareth's album. This album features MF Doom, Talib Kweli, Killah Priest, Bronze Nazareth, Ras Kass & more...So how could anybody pass up this? Well this album is touches on alot of level mostly on the higher-level type shit. My favorite song being Lost Ark where Hell str8 rips it on the conscience tip. UFO got invisible shield & what not. This album is awesome. Lyrically Hell Razah is a monster, the production is great and the concepts are well done. The guest appearances are well placed and done. The best guest appearance is fro Hell Razah's close friend Killah Priest on Smoking Gunz..Pick up this albu you wont regret.

Hell Razah - Renaissance Director's Cut

Hell Razah(Blue Sky Black Death) -"Razah's Ladder"-Prequel

Hell Razah Audiobiography feat SHABAZZ the Disciple

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