Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bad News.....But I Still Love H.E.R.

Taken directly from Danny!'s blog....

Danny! said:

Sh*t always happens to me.


Due to circumstances beyond my control -- a combination of situations involving distributors failing to list And I Love H.E.R. for sale in time for pre-ordering (which wound up partially being my fault for turning the album in later than expected), a much higher demand than expected leading to an additional pressing, and a stolen vehicle (!!!) -- the date for the new album has once again been pushed back y’all.

Ya, rly.

Fortunately, everything should be sorted out by the end of this month (as opposed to the three-month delay from before) so at the most it’ll be another two weeks before you’ll be able to cop And I Love H.E.R. I promise to keep y’all updated on e’rything. I’d really appreciate it if y’all stick with a brotha on this one. And no, I’m still not putting Dream, Extinguished out.

Good God, sometimes this independent sh*t ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, kids. Seriously. I’m sorry y’all

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