Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Verse Of The Day

Tragedy Khadafi - Permanently Scarred (I Don't Wanna Wait)

1st Verse

My tears fall on the paper as i write this scribe
Its like somewhere in my life a part of me died
And through my eyes a forgotten pain...rott in vain
Escaping the hell fire runnin from flames
Seein moms on the kitchen floor
Not knowin that the dope she injected this time was to raw
Saw myself trapped in the womb tryin to get out
Consumed by this hell flamed pain i spit out
On the day we rest may our souls be free
I aint mad cuz this world made a cole like me
I forgive her cuz my mother gave us all she could
Just another black girl lost enslaved by the hood
I would trade my existence to give you breath
Guess the only guarantees in this life is death
As I look around seein im the last one left
And the things i cant change I just gotta accept

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