Saturday, April 19, 2008

Five Deez Stay Blessin' It....

Five Deez is a dope group hailing from Cincinnati that flew under the radar for most heads out there. Consisting of Fat Jon,Pase Rock,Kyle David, And Sonic these "Four Black Dudes" have been making excellent music.

Don't worry though,It's not too late to get familiar with them.All together they've put out 4 Full albums(Koolmotor;Kinkynasti;Slow Children Playing;Kommunicator) And 1 EP(Secret Agent Number 005),Not to metion the Instrumental versions for Koolmotor,Kinkynasti,Kommunicator.

They've most def been working hard,It shows in their music.

Having collaborated with Nujabes,CYNE,Rakim,J-Live,Hieroglyfics...The list goes on,So they are not new to the underground scene.

If your familiar with Japanese Hip-Hop,You've heard of them a little,But I highly recommend their own albums.

Give them a listen,Trust,They will not disappoint.



Sexual for Elizabeth

Hey Young World

Another Love Affair

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