Sunday, April 27, 2008

Break it, Bop it, Niggas beat-boxin

The Cool Kids

Chuck Inglish on your left & Mikey Rocks on your right. The Chi-Town duo, The Cool Kids are making major waves in hip hop now a days. Even being dissed by jealous rappers that watch that got the similar buzz. Anyway these two are one of the reason I started this blog. They are inventive, creative with reminsce of the 80s & 90s with a WHOLE lot of BANG! From their banging beats to their smooth lyrics The Cool Kids are re-inventing the underground scene. Now I would call them hipster cause they seem to have a actually love & knowledge of Hip Hop. Be sure to look out for their new mixtape, "That's Stupid" dropping anyday now then on May 20 "The Bake Sale" EP & later this year their debut album "When Fish Ride Bicycles"


Mickey Factz and The Cool Kids at NYU (Performing Rockin & Rollin)


Gold & A Pager

A Lil Bit Cooler

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