Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Verse Of The Day

Extended F@mm - FYIRB

2nd Verse [Tonedeff]

Tone turns caked niggas to professional pie catchers
High Action, I'm apt to put in more legwork than a thigh master
I finally figured how you could die faster
I'd number your days, but rather letter them instead
and then alphabetize backwards
Flabbergasted at how I send these rhymes past ya
You're the MVP of the National Fuck-up League
and everyone in your squad's a linebacker
I'm trapped behind a padded fence, I'm that intense
When all I see is skilless rappers fucking models with no fashion sense
Braggarts get caught out there with popped fly's
Say you getting pussy.then your cat's ass whistles when it walks by
You're looking to spot an embarrassing weakness?
Well, you inherited sweetness, yo
They called your cross-dressing father a tootsie-pop
^ Son, I'm, son-ing you, son, and what not
Hot as the sun's son, son - avoiding all baby mama drama with Son block
You stood at the bus stop with your Barbie lunchbox
And now, you invented the remix? Well, I invented the cumshot

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